Friday, February 5, 2016

Teacher's Notebook Shop GIVEAWAY & Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy Friday! I'm not sure why I am JUST NOW discovering Teachers Notebook...I love the layout, the products, and the great features it includes. I have my own Teachers Pay Teachers store that you can check out HERE but I decided to create a shop on Teacher's Notebook to have another place to put all my products. I'm including paid digital products as well as freebies! :)

Teacher's Notebook GIVEAWAY for Black History: GIVEAWAY HERE!

Next subject...Valentine's Day! <3 I have a couple Valentine's Day products that you can find at my TPT store. If you're not into Valentine's Day literacy and math centers, I've included some great blogs that have craft ideas for your kids!

Rainbow Heart Suncatchers

This craft would be SUPER easy to do in a busy classroom. Click the link to find out how to make them :) I'm definitely going to try these with my third graders!


Pom Pom Monster freakin' cute! These take a little more work but are so adorable for any kid!

Handprint Monkey Valentine Craft

This would be great for the younger kids. This blog has step by step directions with pictures to get the perfect product!

Comment below with a link to your Valentine's Day crafts! I'm going to do one with my kids next week and post it for you guys! Thanks for stopping by :)

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