Saturday, June 21, 2014

School's Out For Summer!

Well, the time has come that has been long anticipated...summer! I am very excited to have several weeks off and prepare for a brand new school year. This summer, I'll be finishing my fourth graduate class and creating some new products for the upcoming school year. I'll be posting as often as I can with some products I'm creating on Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as some things I pick up from the store to use in my classroom. I always look for organization and color!

Here is my not so cute classroom once I took all of my cute stuff down...

I like to cover my doors with contact paper. I found a really cute design from Lauren Ashley. I tried to cover this door before school ended so I had less to do when I came back, but I ran out of paper. So I went online and found the exact same design on Amazon! I'm so excited! Decorating my classroom is probably one of my favorite things to do. I also found some pink contact paper so I've gotta decide what to do with that.

Monday, June 9, 2014

June Currently

I'm a little late, but better late than never! I'm linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for June Currently! June is one of my favorite months because the end of the school year is so much fun! I love doing the end of the year activities and games. This year, I got each of my students a book. I usually make things for them but I wanted to do something a little extra and I had some Scholastic points :) Anyway, here's my June Currently!

Tips to End the Year Off With!

We are nearing the end of the year! It's that time when we don't have new content to teach, but we need to keep the kids engaged. Otherwise, we would all go crazy! Here are a few math and reading ideas to end the school year off with: 

  • Create a comic strip of your favorite story that we've read this year
  • Write a poem about a character from one of the stories that we've read 
  • Compare two stories that we've read this year using a Venn diagram and then illustrate
  • Creative writing: use plot, character, and setting cards to create a crazy story! 
  • Write a song or rap about your favorite story or make up your own story and create a song or rap
  • Work in groups to create a story. Each student write a sentence and keep passing it along and adding until you have a finished product! 
  • End of the year memory book: Create your own or grab mine HERE!
  • Roll the dice: roll the dice and create numbers to add or subtract-we have foam dice that the kids love
  • Add it fast-take digit cards and have students each put down a card-whoever says the sum first keeps both cards. You can use this for multiplication too
  • Math bingo-easy to create on your own with multiplication, addition, or subtraction!
  • Have you students create their own word problems and post around the room for students to solve 
  • Math olympics! 

There are so many more things that we are doing in our room, but this would be a very long post! I also do a lot of Smart Board activities that I find through Smart Exchange or TPT, but my students love playing games with each other! Any other cool ideas that you have are appreciated!